Configure the Stages Server

General Configuration of Stages

Configuration File

Stages can be configured in the <StagesInstallDir>/conf/config.xml configuration file. In its properties section some parameters can be configured by introducing name-value pairs. For information about existing configuration parameters and their effect please contact the Stages support.

The following code configures a value of “” for the configuration property “”:

 <property name="" value=""/>

Configuration of Stages Service Parameter

For configuring Stages service please proceed as follows:

  • Windows:
    • Open file “<Stages installation path>\stages\config.bat”
    • Modify the red colored setting: set TOMCAT_OPTS=–JvmMx=<RAM in MB>
    • Open a cmd with administrative permissions and navigate to folder “<Stages installation path>\stages\bin”
    • Reinstall the Stages service: reinstallService.bat
    • Restart Stages service: net start stages
  • Linux:
    • Open file “<Stages installation path>/stages/bin/rc.conf”
    • Modify the red colored value: CONF_TOMCAT_OPTS=“-Xmx<RAM in MB>m -XX:+UseG1GC -XX_-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow”
    • Restart the Stages service: stages restart

You can configure additional Java start parameter for Stages that are listed below:

  • -Xmx (Max memory pool): 4048 MB
  • -Xms (Initial memory pool): 4048 MB
  • Remote monitoring of Stages application via JConsole or JVisualVM
    • ​​​