PTC Integrity Integration

General Information

Stages provides two different integrations for PTC Integrity configuration Management: The classic integration is based on SI command line client. You should use it when you have an Integrity Server release older than 2009 Service Pack 7. In other cases it is recommended to use the new web-service-based interface which has the following advantages:

Functional advantages:

  • Each Stages user makes use of his own Integrity account to perform configuration management operations. With the old integration all operations were performed with one global Integrity account
  • Integrity configuration management permissions are effective for Stages users
  • Each user can specify own Integrity change packages for file modifications. The old interface only supports one change package per Stages CMS Profile
  • Easier CMS Profile configuration in Stages projects because less settings need to be made in the GUI

Non-functional advantages:

  • Better performance
  • Usage of less system resources:
    • No Integrity Client necessary
    • No sandboxes are created (and synchronized)