Subversion Integration

Known Limitations

Known limitations that affect all Subversion servers

Supported Server Versions

  • Description: 1.2.X, 1.3.X, 1.4.X, 1.5.X, 1.6.X, 1.7.X, 1.8.X
  • Workarounds: N/A

HTTP option request must trigger authentication

  • Description: In order to validate user credentials, the Subversion server must enforce authentication (valid-user) for HTTP Option requests
  • Workarounds: N/A

Supported authentication schemes

  • Description: Only HTTP Basic, HTTP Digest, and NTLM are supported authentication schemes
  • Workarounds: N/A

Supported protocols

  • Description: Only Subversion servers that can be reached via HTTP or HTTPS are supported
  • Workarounds: N/A

Shown labels in Stages

  • Description: Stages will not show labels that correspond to Subversion tags or branches
  • Workarounds: N/A

Access to repositories

  • Description: System accounts require full read and write access to the repository
  • Workarounds: N/A

Subversion auto:properties

  • Description: As Stages only operates on the documents/files in the Subversion repository, directories/folders are not checked and therefore no support for auto:properties is available
  • Workarounds: A few auto:properties use-cases can be implemented through special configuration settings in the PKitConfig.xml. Please contact the Stages-Support to see whether your use-case can be achieved