Steps to upgrade from V7.7 to V7.8

Check Security Settings

Stages 7.8 increases security by enforcing more robust security policies, e.g. disabling the access by users with Internet Explorer browsers by default. Other security settings have also been tightened.

Check here for more info on how that impacts your environment.

General Recommendations Before Upgrading

To be safe in case of any problems during the update, back up your database before the upgrade.

Stop Stages

Linux: execute sudo stages stop

Windows: stop the Stages and Stages Search Windows services

Run Upgrade Installer

Linux: execute sudo rpm -Uvh stages-…rpm or sudo yum localinstall stages-…rpm, depending on your Linux flavor

Windows: execute Stages V7.8 Windows installer in an elevated command prompt and follow the assistant steps

Check Log4j configuration

Log4j 2.17.1 is now used for Stages itself

In case there have been any changes to files <Stages Installation Directory>\stages\conf\log4j-customer.xml or <Stages Installation Directory>\stages\conf\log4j-processor.xml - the changes need to be adopted to the new files log4j-customer-example.xml and log4j-processor-example.xml. Afterwards please delete the old files and rename the new files to log4j-customer.xml and log4j-processor.xml and run update.bat/

Check if entry set JAVA_OPTS= in file <Stages Installation Directory>\stages\config.bat contains the following parameter:
-Dlog4j2.configurationFile=<Stages Installation Directory>\data-cache\generated\log4j.xml
If you add the parameter please run <Stages Installation Directory>\stages\bin\reinstallService.bat afterwards to reinstall the Windows services.

Restart Stages

Linux: execute sudo stages reload

Windows: verify that Stages and Stages Search Windows services are running