Check Process Consistency

Process consistency is especially important when creating new processes.

To perform consistency checks, go to Management > Process Versions and choose the Check Readiness operation in the “Working Version” menu.

Several consistency checks will be performed in parallel, e.g.

  • Does every activity have a responsible role?
  • Does every process element have a description?
  • Are there any unused work products or roles?

Customized consistency checks can be added upon request.

They show either a green checkmark if there are no findings, a yellow warning if there are minor findings that might be ignored, or an orange warning if there are major findings that should be corrected before release.

To fix inconsistencies, open the list of findings and go to the respective elements. If you are using a desktop browser, you can open the link in a new tab or new window, edit the element, and close the tab or new window again. Then use the browser reload function to re-run the consistency checks.

The consistency checks are customizable, so contact your Stages consultant to get more info on its flexibility.