Use the Landing Page

The landing page acts as the central hub for information and is accessible through the Home icon. It is global, so it will always show the same content, regardless of which workspace you are in. Typically landing page will be used to display your organization logo, as well as facilitate navigation to other pages in Stages by providing direct links or clickable images.

Your organization may have single or multiple tabs on the landing page depending on how they choose to organize the information. In this example, the landing page has multiple tabs. The overview tab provides the big picture, whereas the adjacent tabs will help users navigate to org specific information.

Once you go on specific tab on the landing page, you will return to the same tab after you log in after your last session.

If you scroll down, you will find some widgets with

  • Information on how to get started in Stages
  • Useful links for Stages
  • Information on how to reach your Stages support team

If you are missing useful content on the landing page, please contact your local Stages support team to have them add it.