How to manage processes in multiple languages

Managing a process in multiple languages is an important asset when dealing with multilingual teams. It can also be used to translate standard processes for specific product lines that are developed by teams in a different language.

How to enable multiple language support

Support for multiple languages can be enabled at the respective workspace (Home > Administration > Workspaces > 3dot menu “Edit”) where the process content is being stored.

The workspace language will be used as the process default language.

Elements that are not yet translated to a target language will be displayed in this default language. This also applies to search results. This allows to translate a process step by step while not yet translated content is still available to all process viewers independently of their language setting.

How to manually translate

To start translating process content, switch in your user profile to the target language to be translated to. As no translations exist yet, the process content will continue to be displayed in the default language.

All subsequent edits will be stored as the target language, e.g. renaming process element names or modifying descriptions. So to translate an element name from the default to the target language, simply use the Rename operation.

To see both the default and the target language side-by-side, use the Translate operation.

It results of both languages being displayed at the same time:

How to automatically translate

Whole process versions can be exported for automatic translation and re-imported afterwards. The details for both operations can be found here:


Up to 5 languages are supported in parallel. The list of possible target languages must be configured on the server.

Available languages: = German
language.en = English = French = Portuguese = Spanish = Italian = Russian
language.zh = Chinese
language.ko = Korean
language.ja = Japanese

Add the configuration property “ supported.languages ” in the config.xml and set its value to a comma separated list of required languages i.e. “ en,de,ja,ko,zh “. Restart the Stages service.

Managing association comments and string or text attributes in multiple languages is not supported yet.