Getting started in a new workspace

Once a workspace has been created, there is a welcome screen which provides four different mechanisms to get started.

1. Start with an Empty Process: To build a process from scratch, use this option. It loads the default metamodel (Unified Configuration) to begin the modeling.

2. Add Modules: This is one of the often used methods to integrate mutiple modules into single workspace. Refer process architecture for detailed explanation. Add module can also be used to instantiate standard process into projects.

3. Copy a Process: If two processes are very similar, it might be useful and efficent to simply bring the entire module by copying into over into the new workspaces and making any changes in the target workspace.

4. Import a Process: This allows to import the process from a zip file. Typically it is used to bring a process that possibly has been created in an instance of Stages which is on a separate server or cloud. A process zip file is exported from source process and brought into target workspaces and uploaded using Import a Process option.