Manage Workspaces

Manage the Workspace Tree

Go to Administration > Workspaces.

With the respective menus you can create, delete, edit, and move workspaces.

The Open menu brings you to the workspace's process starting page.

Use Workspace Attributes

Workspaces can now have specific attributes. Administrators can globally define possible attributes via the Administration > Workspaces > … > Configure Workspace Attributes menu in any workspace:

Attributes can be of type string or selection. Here is an example of how to define a selection and its possible values:

After defining the attributes, they can be used in individual workspaces. To set an attribute to a specific value for a workspace, use the Edit menu for that workspace and switch to the Attributes tab:

In Stages 7.3, the workspace attributes can be used in scripts, e.g. to select only a specific set of workspaces:

var workspace = stages.getProjectByPath(workspacePath);
var modelYearAttribute = workspace.getAttribute("modelYear");
var modelYearAttributeValue = modelYearAttribute.getProperty("databaseValue");

if (modelYearAttributeValue == "2020") {

Future versions of Stages will make use of those attributes to allow end users to easier find their workspaces.