How to install Reference Models

Standard reference models are shipped by the Stages Customer Care team either after your order arrived or a new/updated reference model became available as part of your subscription or maintenance contract.

Reference models are shipped as ZIP files.

Intellectual Property

Some reference models are subject to intellectual property by a third party. This intellectual property is not transferred as part of an order, so you need to make sure you have a respective license contract to electronically process the reference model content. Depending on your contract, you may need to limit the number of users that can access the reference model.

Create Reference Model workspace

Use the Administration > Workspaces menu to create a new workspace for the reference model to be installed. Typically, reference models are located directly under the root workspace in a “Reference Models” workspace.

To assure compatibility with other reference models or process frameworks, we recommend to use the following standard names for workspaces:

Reference Model Workspace Name
Automotive SPICE®
Process Reference and Assessment Model
Version 4.0
Automotive SPICE 4.0
Automotive SPICE®
Process Reference and Assessment Model
Version 3.1
Automotive SPICE 3.1
Automotive SPICE®
Process Reference and Assessment Model
for Cybersecurity Engineering
Version 1.0
Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity 1.0
Hardware SPICE
Version 2.1
Hardware SPICE 2.1
Process Assessment Model
SPICE for Mechanical Engineering
Version 1.8
Mechanical SPICE 1.8
International Standard
ISO 26262
Road Vehicles - Functional Safety
ISO 26262:2018
Publicly Available Specification
ISO/PAS 21488
First edition 2019-01
Road vehicles — Safety of the intended functionality
ISO/PAS 21488:2019
International Standard
ISO/SAE 21434
Road Vehicles - Cybersecurity Engineering
ISO/SAE 21434:2021
International Standard
ISO 24089
First edition 2023-02
Road vehicles - Software update engineering
ISO 24089:2023
IATF 16949: Automotive Quality Management Systems IATF 16949:2016


Make sure you do not add any additional spaces in the workspace name.

Import the ZIP File

Go to the Process menu and select the Import operation to import the reference model ZIP file.


The import should complete without warnings. Some Stages reference models contain associations to previous versions or other reference models, e.g. a mapping from Automotive SPICE 4.0 to Automotive SPICE 3.1. If your system does not contain these models, Stages might display respective warnings after the import. In that case, the warnings can be ignored.

Adjust Versions and Settings

In case Stages has created an empty process version V0 (version 7.8 and later), this version needs to be deleted via Management > Versions.

Next, check that the process kind is set to “Reference Model” under Managment > Settings.

Use the Reference Model for Mapping

The reference model is now ready to be used for mapping via Management > Compliance.


The search engine may need some time to update, so directly after installation you might need to use “Browse reference models” to find it.