Import Reference Model

If you purchased Stages reference models, these models will be delivered as process exports in ZIP file format and need to be imported in Stages manually.

Create Workspace

Login to Stages with sufficient permissions and select Administration > Workspaces. Navigate to the workspace, where your reference models are stored. Click Button Add Workspace and name the workspace according to the reference model you want to create, e.g. Automotive SPICE 3.1 or ISO 26262:2018.

Import Process Content

Select the workspace you have created before and click Processes > Import. Click browse and select the ZIP File to be imported. The import of the reference model starts automatically. Depending on the model's size, the import procedure might take some time. If the import finishes with warning messages - these messages shouldn't affect your work with this reference model. If you are unsure about warnings or error messages - please create a screenshot and forward it to stages support.

IMPORTANT: After successful import, go to Management > Process Versions, release the Working Version as Valid Version, and delete version V0.