Navigate Through Stages

This description shows the desktop view. On a tablet or smartphone, Stages might have a different layout, but all capabilities will remain the same.

General navigation

After logging into Stages, you will see a screen similar to this:

You are able to use the following capabilities:

Home Page: You can typically see a clickable overview of the process landscape of your organization.

Workspace: You can see your current Workspace here. Click or tap on the box to change your workspace. See further below for more details.

Go to Home: Clicking or tapping here always brings you back to the home page. The home page typically displays a graphic with links to find the relevant processes.

Navigation: Choose the type of information you would like to see. Depending on your permissions, you may see or not see some items on this list:

  • Processes: Browse process content. See here for more details.
  • Management: Use additional capabilities to manage processes, e.g. tailoring, compliance, or process versions.
  • Reports: Run and manage reports.
  • Administration: Manage users, groups, permissions, and workspaces.

Search: Search for process content. See here for more details on how to best use the search.

Profile: Manage your picture, your Stages preferences, or change your password.

Mobile view/Reduced view

If your screen size is limited, if your browser zoom is high, or if you are using a mobile device, Stages automatically adapts the layout to use maximum space for the process content. On a smaller screen, the main screen might look like this:

In the mobile view, the navigation capabilities described above can be accessed by clicking or tapping on the icon:

Workspace navigation

To open the workspace navigation, click or tap on the workspace name.

To find the desired workspace, you can use the filters on the top:

  • My: List of all your favorite workspaces. Your current workspace and your home workspace will also be shown here. To mark a workspace as a favorite, find it via the “Search” filter and click or tap on the empty star. To remove a workspace favorite, click or tap on the full star in the “My” list.
  • Browse: Browse through the workspace hierarchy.
  • Search: Search per name through all accessible workspaces.
  • Archived: List of all workspaces that have been marked as archived by the system administrators.

To better find a workspace, you can start typing the name or parts of the name in the “Search” field.

Use web browser buttons

In previous versions of Stages, the usage of the browser's back, forward, and reload buttons was discouraged. With V7, this has significantly changed.

We now do recommend to use the browser back, forward, or reload buttons.
We also recommend to use multiple browser tabs or windows.

For example, when performing a readiness check of your processes, you open each finding in a new browser tab, edit the content to fix the finding, and close the tab again. Then simply press browser reload to re-run the readiness check.

Share Stages URL

Stages uses deep links which means it uses URL that links to a specific piece of content in Stages, rather than the Stages home page.

This allows you to share the URL from any location in Stages with other users. Once a user logs into Stages with that link, they will be directed to the same location in Stages - as long as they have required permissions to view the content.