Search Process Content

The search always shows at top of every screen in Stages.

Click or tap in the search box and start typing what you are looking for (1). Suggestions will show up and be refined as you type. You can directly click or tap on one of the suggestions (3). You can also directly filter the results (2) . It will be indicated if there are search results in workspaces outside of your current search scope (4).

To search exactly for multiple words, put double-quotes around those words. For example, use “project manager” to search for elements that have those two words in exactly that order and sequence in them.

To see all search results, use the Enter key.

Search Results and Filtering

The results are shown on the right-hand side of the page. Every search result (1) is shown with the element name, type, workspace name, and preview of the description.

To go to a search result, click or tap on the highlighted element name.

If a process element is found in multiple workspaces, it will be only shown once, but be indicated as such. When clicking or tapping on the search result, you will be asked in which workspace you would like to go.

You can change the settings for workspaces and process versions there. The workspace filters (2) are:

  • Current workspace: search only through the current workspace
  • My workspaces: search through all workspaces on your “My” list (see here for details)
  • Recommended workspaces: search through the current workspace, all workspaces that the current workspace has interfaces with, and all workspaces within the same workspace collection (see here more more details)
  • All workspaces: search through all workspaces that you have access to

To filter search results by element type, use the checkboxes on the left side of the results page (3).

To perform an exact or multi-word search, put the search string in double quotes. For example, searching for “project manager” will find only entries that contain exactly those two words in that order.